Misson accomplished

So got going this morning without any problems, which was odd as it was a Monday. Ended up spending all morning fixing some animation tool. Took Sasha out on yet another nice but cold day. Did lots of other bits in the afternoon. Walked to Combat. Came back and transferred the new white, that’ll have to sit for about ten days now. Talking of alcohol that’s it, challenge finished, one month of complete sobriety complete. Quite pleased with that. Time to put the wind fridge back on.

Oh, I phoned mother yesterday and said I’d booked the helicopter for the day before her birthday, depending on the weather of course. I explained the route, the response I got was typical, “Oh I can’t fly over my house then?”. There are rules and regulations and one of them is a ‘land clear’ rule, so hanging around over a built-up area in a single engine aircraft is not allowed. Obviously crossing the Severn and flying past the suspension bridge and Concorde is a bit of a let down if you can’t view your shitty bungalow with a knackered fence from 1200 feet. I can’t wait to give her the list of CAA rules, which include absolutely no loose items in the cockpit and that includes handbags.

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