Can’t beat a good exhibition about death

Annoyingly I had no paper to read this morning, so had to settle with watching the ‘Song for Europe’ thing for the Eurovision Song Contest. At least the winners were quite cute. Walked Sasha and then went out for an hour in the freezing cold and picked up a couple of Geocaches. Came back and then drove into town. Popped into Bristol museum and looked at the ‘Death’ exhibition, fairly interesting, but no real dead stiffs to look at. Got a few ideas, just a shame that pentobarbital isn’t available on Amazon Prime. Talking of Amazon I sent them a stinking email about Lovefilm by Post overcharging me. It said this billing cycle was four quid, but they ended up charging me £9.99, so said I’d like the £5.99 refunded, they refunded the whole £9.99 three hours later. Can’t fault them for their customer service, even if they are a bit dense at times. Going to watch ‘Interstellar’ now, it’s about three hours long so may not make it.

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