The chances of Chansey

Started the morning as I like, coffee, breakfast, doing a mad dash for a wild Snorlax half a mile away. Walked Sasha. It’s been a bit showery this morning. Had lunch. Then headed out. Parked up and walked into town. Settled in Welsh Back for the afternoon. The object of the day was to collect Dratins. I caught about six, need about twenty, it’s a start. Then suddenly a Chansey appeared. I ran like fuck to St. Mary Redcliffe. One raspberry and one ultra ball and the fucker ran. Oddly then on the way back there was a man with his kids, “Oh, I was the policeman who stopped you in the park the other day, you’ll know where the Chansey is”, I pointed him in the correct direction, what the fuck are the chances in that? Not a bad day, I now have 130 in the Pokedex out of a possible UK 142. So some work still to do.

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