Get the fuck to of the way, you are worse than my dogs

Started this morning with plenty of coffee and the paper. Then spent half an hour evolving Pidgys. Got up eventually and walked Sasha. Weather look iffy all day. But finally ventured up to my mothers. Bungie’d in her car battery, I did a good a job as I can do, but to be honest any half decent garage would just drill the bolt out and do it properly for free. I then spent ten minutes rejigging her bloody furniture. It came to a point where I moved a couch and a chair, then swapped them round, but she was surprised that she didn’t gain any space. She permanently stood in the bloody way. Then I walked down the main road towards town, stopped off for a light lunch at the Tinto Lounge. Then doubled back towards the car. Picked up some rolls for mother, picked up the car. Did a home check for a cat. Came home, did accounts, had a bath.

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