“Why is your will so far away?”, “It’s not it’s just small”

So this morning finally started with breakfast. Then sex. Neither of which were every fulfilling, actually I preferred the coffee. Wasn’t really in the mood, stressed with work, stressed with this bathroom fit, I’ll be glad when both are over. So got up and cleared the bathroom out. Removed all the masking tape. And generally cleaned up. Then I re-fixed all the skirting board edging in the hall way. Cleaned the kitchen. Now all Jamie had to do was get out of bed and take the dogs out with me. We had a dinner date at his dads at 4PM. We got there eventually at 4:30PM. I must admit that his dad and step mum I can find sometimes a bit dull, but after they’ve had a gin or two, by god does the conversation heat up. Discussed far too much, it was very enjoyable though, nice couple of hours of family time. Came home and relocated my office to the dining room. Fairly painless experience. Everything appears to be working fine. I’m glad I put an Ethernet port in the dining room now.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to next week. But what I am really looking forward to is the end of it. I hope Jamie and his team do a good job, I do have really high hopes for them, mind you, I also have really high expectations. If I’m spending six grand on an ensuite, then it’s got to be perfect. I just wish I could spend the same sort of capitol on the rest of the house, but it will be nice to have one room that I’m really proud off. Saying that I’m actually really happy with the rooms I’ve done myself, the spare room is perfect and so is the dining room. The whirlpool bath is indeed a bit of a gimmick, what I’m really looking forward to is a shower that’s hot and has more pressure than a 70 year old with prostate problems.

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