There’s no way the cistern is going to fit inside that framework

So got up at 8AM. Plumber due at 8:30. Plumber arrived twenty minutes late. He brought a fairly chubby sidekick. Anyway, they cracked on and got the bath and loo our fairly quickly. The rest of the time they did the plumbing for the towel rail and sorted out all the plaster boarding. They built a frame for the loo. There is a hidden cistern, there is no way in hell it will fit in there. That will be interesting. They had buggered off by 4. Not even here tomorrow, that’s the electrician. Anyway, seems to be fine so far, they actually reinforced half the wall where the original builders had bodged it. Saying that they’ve used more packing than Amazon getting their stuff straight. I now have a bath in the front garden, I feel like a chav.

Went to Combat. Liz was away, so Trudie and Laverne did it, haven’t seen so many people in a combat class for a long time. Laverne was typically useless. Two girls walked out. I’m sure Trudie and Laverne were teaching different releases. Anyway, much fun had by all. Came back and almost mastered ‘Bye Bye love’, much to Jamie’s amusement. I think I’m going to work on ‘Imagine’ next, as I don’t really like any of the songs in between.

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