I could do a jigsaw puzzle inside a sock

So started this morning very slowly. Actually it was a bit weird, I remember being woken up by Jamie at about 3AM saying Sasha had opened the bin and eaton a load of chicken wings. He then proceeded to cough violently for ten minutes, I then had enough and disappeared to the spare room. I woke up at about 6AM, Sasha needed to go out. I went downstairs and found a cling film wrapped raw chicken breast in the hall way. Went back to bed. Got up eventually at ten ish. Got breakfast for me and Dillon. Sasha went without for being a naughty girl. Sanded and painted the door frame again, then cleaned the window above it. Had lunch, then did a home check for a cat. Came back and picked Jamie, then did another home check and went to the Apple store. Came back and spent probably a good hour on the keyboard. Worked out that ‘Bye bye love’, sounds way better if you belt it out on a full draw bar organ. Did the accounts. Upgraded the firewall. Had a bath. Which should hopefully be the last time in that bathroom. Jamie is cooking tonight, look forward to being ill tomorrow.

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