What’s wrong with Pikachu flying a helicopter

Today was very much a bit of a depressing one. Work is all going crazy for all the wrong reasons, so I won’t dwell on it. I’m just trying to avoid everything at the moment. Got something fun to play with over the next couple of days though. Took Dillon to daycare at 6:20. Took Sasha o vet at 9:40. Started work at just gone 10. Walked Sasha at lunchtime, then picked up Dillon again. Did a bit more then went to Pump. Still working on my arms. Still on the Aloe Vera, I reckon I can get about two more days out of that pot. One more shake left as well. So tomorrow I turn the booze fridges back on. I won’t actually drink anything until past midnight tomorrow, and then I don’t plan on having much anyway. Played around with PhotoShop and tried to come up with a tattoo design. It involved helicopters and Pokemon.

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