Gloria, can I stay at your pad?

So Singapore is out then, decided it was the size of Bristol but with the population of India. Plus the flight is a bit too long haul. I think we’ve found a solution to suit everybody, Orlando and Miami. And because we are awkward we’ll do it backwards and go to Miami first. Anyway, lets see how it goes. Work day was pretty much all one bug, which stemmed back to some code from around 2006. Still, fixed now. Management annoyed me yet again. May look for somewhere different now, end of project, I’ve been there eight years.

So that’s the end of ‘Cleanse 9’. I’ve still got some Aloe Vera left, so it will become ‘Clean 11’ by the time I’ve finished. Lost around eight pounds. Was hoping to get under ten stone, almost but not quite. Still, I will continue for the foreseeable future on a reduced calorie diet and keep the two hours of exercise a day up. Hopefully then I’ll lose the stone I wanted to eventually.

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