Then my Dropbox wouldn’t sync

Noticed this morning that my cloud backup hadn’t actually worked since last August. After much investigation it appears to be due to some update of the linux client. Spent bloody ages trying to upgrade it and get it all installed. Managed eventually, but I can no longer get the deamon to startup on er, startup. I’ve shoved it in the backup script which is triggered by cron, so will see what happens tonight.

Work wise was actually quite interesting today. Working on a compute shader to do the lighting pass. It’s been tricky to try and hack it into existing systems, it’s not working yet, but does have promise. Walked Sasha, then went for a walk early evening. Oh I did do it….this morning I was sub ten stone. Still got some Aloe Vera left, so will have that tomorrow. But I will have a drink tonight, and cheese, just not much cheese.

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