Well it’s finally all finished, except the door won’t close

Electrician arrived far too early. Anyway he got on with everything and it was completed in a couple of hours. Shower tripped out a couple of times but seems fine now. He left with everything working. Plumber came back just after lunchtime. Fixed up last few things and put the tiles on the bath panel. All sealed up nicely. Cut the bottom off the door and put the hinges back on. Tried to close door and it hits the thermostat on the wall, which is rather annoying. Still, that can be remedied. After everyone finally vanished for some reason I decided to go on a nine mile run. Came back and shaved in my new sink, took a piss in my new loo and then had a shower. It was very nice to shower and not feel like you were being gently peed on by someone with a very low pressure bladder. All I need to do now is take a shit in it. The loo that is, not the shower. Okay, so still a few bits to finish off, but overall I’m fairly happy.

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