Well I think it was worth it in the end

Didn’t start until gone ten as I didn’t set the alarm properly after the electric was off. Wasn’t really in the mood, even though there is a crunch on. There are issues at work at the moment which I’m not going into. So did an hour or so, then picked up the shopping. Then did another hour and then we took the dogs out for a couple of hours. Had lunch, did a bit more then went to Pump. Did a session with Laverne. Came back, then we had a bath together and watched the final of CBB. Katie Price won, Katie Hopkins should of. Still, it was nice. Jamie (the plumber that is) and his ‘friends’ did a really good job in the end. Very pleased. It all works (ignore the door) and looks very nice. He sent the electric certificates and the invoice. It was what he quoted. So be it.

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