So I needed about two foot six of chamfered timber

So started this morning with breakfast for three as usual. Then I made the odd decision to phone my mother. Now you see I supported Tim’s No. 1 rule, people only phone people up when they want something, I was after an electric planer. Anyway, she was fine on the phone. After a bit of pissing about I turned up at her place. She was quite well behaved. I went up into the loft and found said planer, plus some other goodies. I was also after a bit of timber to put in front of the bathroom door, needed about two foot six. There on his workbench in the loft was a piece of chamfered timber, perfect profile, but three foot long. So the fucker had it prepared for me, but the wrong length, typical. Came back and had lunch. Then Jamie and I went to the mall, where he described it as taking his dad around clothes shopping. We ended up in the local Tesco where he spent about twenty-five quid on cheap tat. Came back, did the accounts, which was quite depressing as I haven’t been paid since last year. Had another bath, I quite like my bath.

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