Well for fifty quid I got a much better view than I was expecting

Okay, so we both had breakfast this morning, which was quite unusual to start with. We walked to the station, got a ticket and then descended on Monaco. A nice little town on the ass end of nowhere. It was packed. Stupid place. We walked down the street and there was a shop, not selling houses as normal, but selling aircraft. It’s that kind of town. We meandered for a while but soon headed up the hills and handed our ticket over. We were right on top of the camera runs. Managed to get a nice spot overlooking around four sections of the track. The race itself was fairly dull until the last ten minutes. Lewis Hamilton got screwed by his team once again. I was pretty much rooted to the spot for two hours. I did have one really annoying ‘selfie’ girl who was getting closer and closer to the wall and kept banging into me. In the end I just turned round and stared into her phone. She then turned to me and said ‘ah thankyou’ and finally fucked off. Good job as I’d actually enjoy helping her over the wall and the forty foot drop below. Headed back on the train. Had a bit of a snooze and then we headed out for food. Tonight we had the Nice traditional Chinese.

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