So why can’t I get a horse grapefruit?

For the first time this holiday I didn’t set the alarm. I went to sleep half cut probably and remember waking quite early with a pain on my back. After further investigation it turned out that I’d fallen asleep on a bottle top, after removing it I was somewhat much happier. Had breakfast by myself. I then sneeked off for a bit of a walk down to the coast. Came back and bum boy was still in bed. We eventually ventured out. I had the town map. We covered basically about five square miles in four hours. By the end we were very dehydrated and hungry, so we dived in a random cafe on the promenade and had a meal and a beer. Picked up a few bits of tat and headed back for a long nap. Went out for dinner, quite local as it was raining. Somewhat disappointed in the local restaurants, expecting more seafood, but basically bugger all. Anyway, had fish and chips, a beer and a bottle of wine. Nice. Another day over, can’t complain at all really. Tomorrow I think we are venturing to Cannes.

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