So 11 hours straight driving, eventually arrive in Nice, small hotel, with handy access to the Mosque

So the alarm went off at 6AM. I got up. Jamie didn’t. I ate breakfast pretty much to myself, apart from the receptionist. We got on the road about half eight, a bit shocked the sat-nav said about six thirty for arrval. Anyway, we got going. It was one hell of a drive, I stopped for a piss about four times. And fuel. Eleven hours and about 100 Euro in tolls later, we finally arrived in Nice. After a bit of pissing about we managed to park the car in the correct place, which did envolve driving up the worlds steepest bloody ramp. The car was on full lock, how the hell I got it up five levels without scraping anything Christ alone knows. We walked to the hotel which was a few minutes away. It’s a cheap Best Western, no bar, but breakfast included. I’ve stayed in bigger cupboards, but it’ll do for a few days. We ventured out and had an Indian. As they say, when in France…Anyway, made it back to the room, now watching the Eurovison Song Contest. Tomorrow we do F1.

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