So next up is the holiday, not prepared at all

I’ve come to the conclusion that all developers are indeed pretty ugly. Sony however do employ one rather sweet junior programmer in ‘test’. Gave me something pleasant to look at during breakfast. (This was a large communal event at Bfi rather than the breakfast in bed type). Can’t talk about the conference of course, but today really was quite dull. I cut the last session short by about twenty minutes so I could dive to the station. On the way out, some kiddie came up to me and asked where the new skate park was, my fashion choice seems to work. Oddly I did know where it was so pointed him in the right direction. Journey was uneventful, car was still there. Got home and updated the firewall, which I’m not happy with, so reverted the version again. It’s crashed a couple of times recently, so I’ve popped a timer on it for the next couple of weeks so it will give it a kick every night. Took Sasha out for a long walk, then Dillon out for a shorter one. Printed out the insurance docs and found my driving license counterpart. That’s about as much holiday planning I’ve done. Still, have two days. Both of which I’m working. It’ll be fine. Or shit.

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