Untangling 40M of network cable is quite cathartic

Started work at 8:30AM, so managed to get four hours in before taking Jamie into town to get his tattoo. Left him there and got the GPS out, one just round the corner from the tattooist. Got another three as well, on one in Castle Park, I was hunting around and heard a voice, “Excuse me mate but are you Geocaching?”. We got chatting, turns out he was ‘Comedy Dave’, seen his tag on a number of logs. Gave me the hint to the cache. Found another one afterwards. Then headed back to tattooist. Drove home and had lunch, did another couple of hours then walked the dogs. Did a bit more work and then went for a run. Ended up untangling about 40M of network cabling, just for amusement. Still no sign of new PC yet.

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