There is something satisfying about deleting old PS3 code

So spent basically the entire day deleting things. Mainly old DX9 code and then finally on to old PS3 and Xbox 360 code. It’s that time in the project cycle where we have a bit of a major clean up. So it’s time to say a final goodbye to DX9, PS3, Xbox 360, an awful grass system, small job system and vast amounts of code that I’ve written over the past nine years. Sad to see it go? No not really, it was cutting edge at the time and pushed the boundaries, but now it’s just bulk that doesn’t even get compiled anymore. I don’t think I’ve powered on my PS3 dev kit for over two years now. It’s almost ‘closure’. Walked Sasha and Dillon. Went to Combat, very hot. Came home and did a few more hours deleting.

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