Then DX9 came back to haunt me

Started a little later than I planned but not having a great week keeping regular hours. Got stuck in anyway. Managed to find a web site that had all Dave Pearce ‘Delirium’ podcasts on it, so that’s music sorted for the next couple of weeks. Walked both Dillon and Sasha, oddly Dillon walked better than Sasha for the first time other, I wonder if it was because I had his harness on wrong and it wasn’t going right under him. I’ll try him on Sasha’s harness tomorrow. Then I was getting moaned at about one of the tools I’d updated to DX11, part of it wasn’t working. It was to do with some old DX9 code. I tried converting it to DX11 but all I kept getting was E_FAIL for some reason. Walked to gym. Did Pump, walked home. Then just created a DX9 device and let it use that, a bit of a hack but I’ve got loads of other stuff still outstanding that I need to get on with. Have an early night tonight I think.

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