I’ve yet to meet a tidy electrician, today’s continued that legacy

Got up not at the crack of dawn, but still earlier than I’d liked. Electrician turned up near enough on time. Then drank two cups of coffee and spent almost two hours placing three cables and making a hell of a mess while creating a hole in my nicely flattened ceiling. After he left I went up into the loft and redid one of the wires for the underfloor heating as it was routed in such a way that all the boards would no longer fit. I kind of expect that. I’ve worked with a multitude of electricians and they are all bloody messy. It may take me fucking hours to do a job but at least I do it properly. I’ve moaned about the whole in the ceiling, that will need to be fixed. Anyway, plumber due back again tomorrow. I have no idea how he expects to be finished this week.

Went for a run in the afternoon. Did more work. Practised various things on keyboard. Edited a new helicopter video. Lets see what delights I will experience tomorrow.

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