How about if I just flick my pants off and then you can finger-bum me?

Woke up this morning to the above statement. I decided to have coffee and breakfast instead. We got up fairly early (well for us) on a Sunday and walked the dogs. I then had a quick lunch and relocated to Emersons Green. A number of Geocaches there, searched for all, got the lot. I left the car in Sainsbury’s, so had it washed while it was there. Came back and then relocated more towards Mangotsfield. Parked up and off I went. First two caches I had to leave as there were two many people around, then I walked off for another couple of hours and did a load more. Went back towards the car and then did the first two again. All sought, all found. So a good four hours of so there. Up to 427 now. Came back and logged all the caches and finally got round to finishing all my TripAdvisor reviews, including that wonderful hotel we stayed at in Nice, where we got eaton to death. Bath time, then Jamie’s cooking. Food that is, I have as much desire to eat him as to ‘finger-bum’ him.

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