Then the wind shot up to 15kts so we all went home

So yesterday I was supposed to do a short warmup, followed by an hours solo flight, then a break and an hour solo out to the north. The weather looked bloody iffy anyway, but after studying forecasts it looked like the wind would be steady at 7kts. So we went for it. After about forty minutes the wind was up to 15kts at ground level and 30kts+ at about 600ft. We taxied in and gave up. A bit of a waste of almost three hundred quid. But still, any air time is time, so counts for something. Came back and did some more studying, took Sasha out then did another hour on the books. Showered, changed and we went to Andy and Lisa’s for the evening. We ate, drank everything and then some more, played silly games, then went to bed.

This morning started with coffee, then another coffee, breakfast and the paper. Did an hour on the books. Took Sasha out, had lunch then went out Geocaching for four hours. Picked up a few, ended up in a wood, lots of fun. Came back and did another hour on the books. Had bath. Now time for my atomic vindaloo.

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