So the ladies caffeine collective failed to turn up to Combat

Woke up fairly early, but failed to start work early which was a tad silly. Anyway, today I had to finish off the presentation as it was the final day. So the bulk of the day was spent doing that. Walked Sasha, weather stayed quite nice. Went to Combat, Liz has now gone so Trudie did the class, I was expecting all the bloody ladies coffee collective to turn up and try and dominate the front row, but not one turned up, so was fairly uneventful. Came back and started on my ‘proper’ work. Did that for a few hours, still compute shaders, made some reasonable progress on it though. Ate salad. I don’t think I’ve had a poo today. Think I’ll have a fairly early night and read yet another flying exam book. May be hit Jamie with a sock every time he beeps or vibrates.

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