Then I sat there waiting for a weather forecast

So started on work again, I knew I needed to get onto this power point presentation today. So spent the whole day doing something else. Still on compute, it’s still annoying me. Walked Sasha, weather looked a bit iffy, but turned out quite nice. Got back in time for the shopping to arrive. Did more work, then went off to Pump. Hung around afterwards to have coffee and a chat with Laverne. Came back and finally started editing the power point stuff. Still needs a few more hours on it really. Captain James texted me earlier and said he was concerned about wind. I failed to send an amusing text back. So we are now waiting on TAF’s and METAR’s. So no idea what’s happening tomorrow, but looks like it will be too windy and turbulent to do the two sessions as planned. I’m just waiting now for the F215 to be updated. Oh, the excitement.

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