Then the little man arrived and fitted a new tyre

Oddly I was having a dream about missing the phone call from the tyre man. Then I was awoken by the phone ringing, which was the tyre man. Started work. Still playing around with compute lighting shaders, it still isn’t as quick as the pixel shader version. Think I may add some 2D culling as well as a last resort.

Little man arrived. Fifteen minutes later he was done. The most painless tyre change I’ve ever had and fairly cheap as well. Will certainly use again, last time waiting at that Halfords auto-centre was just painful. Walked Sasha. Did a bit more then went and did a home check in Downend. Did a bit of Geocaching while I was there. Came back and did more work.

Torture porn night, not sure what I’m in the mood to watch.

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