And then I had a flat tyre, I kid you not

So started at 6:20, took Dillon to daycare, went back to bed. Started a bit late but got on with it. Took Sasha out for her walk. Then picked up Dillon. At the top of the main road coming round the corner I started to here a weird rattling sound. I pulled into the car park of the pub. Looked around, and noticed a large hissing sound. In the back tyre was jammed a ‘wheel balancing weight’, like a knife through the tread. I pulled on it and it just made it worse. Drove the remaining half mile home, it handled fine. It’s now very flat. Mobile tyre fitter coming tomorrow. More money. Had to walk to the gym, then do Pump, then walk home again. Did a lot more work.

Now here’s the fun thing, when did I mention flat tyres? Oh yes, yesterday. And when do I have one….If I ever mention ‘R22 engine failure’ as a title, book a day off for a funeral.

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