By God I think he’s got it

So once again started a bit later than planned.But got straight on with it. By the end of the day I managed to get every single file stripped and that was around 700 of them. Courier turned up and delivered an egg box one and a GTX980 video card, that’ll go with the one in the new machine. The new machine is apparently arriving tomorrow, so that’ll take about a week to setup and migrate to. Sent a text to Captain James, he’s concerned about a couple of incoming cold fronts. Walked Dillon using Sasha’s harness, I hat to keep checking that I had the right dog, he was walking beautifully, I think he’s finally got the hang of it. Walked to Tesco’s, picked up a card for my nephew. Then walked home, filled it with cash and the walked to my sisters. Drank beer, got a lift home. Then spent two hours verifying and checking all those files in. More code stripping to be done tomorrow.

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