Squatting with 40Kg for eight minutes is painful

Couldn’t really get into mush at all today, so spent most of it on my UDP streaming API. Considering the amount of extra hours I’ve done this week I didn’t exactly feel guilty. I did spend the rest of it trying to debug a DirectX driver using the kernel debugger. That proved fruitless. Walked Sasha in light drizzle. Walked to gym, did Pump, increased weights again, squats are now painful and my shoulders almost fell off. Did a session with Laverne afterwards and then walked home. Did another hours or so work.

Noticed the dog tins had all been put in the recycle bin. I though that was a nice move by Jamie. I asked specifically, ‘Did you swill them out?’. I got the reply, ‘Yes, I even moved all the dishes out of the sink to it.’. So the sink was dry, I brought the box in, checked a few tins, all still full of dog food. So I’m now living with a slob and a liar. It would have been better if he’d just left them where they were. It’s always nice to spend two hours on a Friday evening cleaning the kitchen.

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