Morning the passing of Eastmans Tortilla Chips

So the day finally came. The same thing happened with ‘Southern fried chicken in a basket’. And alas, ‘Sausage rolls and chips’ nicely presented, chilled not frozen, ready to oven cook. Then long ago there was ‘La Mexicana’, by far the finest and most chilli filled tortilla chips of all time. Then came Tesco’s own brand tortilla chips, not up to the ‘La Mexicana’ brand, but not band. Then in the last couple years along came ‘Eastmans tortilla chips’, very good in the chilli department and only 99P.

Then today came the news. I knew it would come in the end, always does, it’s just a case of when.

‘Tesco no longer stocks this product.’

RIP Eastmans. I will fondly remember the hundreds of bags I ate.

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