Cannes Cannes

So started this morning with the bizarest of dreams. Nat’s brother had stolen my car and kept it hidden for ten years. It’s all too bloody bizare to go into. After breakfast we walked the couple of minutes to the train station and got the train to Cannes. I took the guide book with me and we followed it around and did the sights. We ended up at a small restaurant for lunch and sat there for an hour or so before doing the last part of the tour. Got the train back and then had a nap. I had a horrible dream, I was at Mark’s funeral, but he wasn’t actually dead.

Had a shaower and we ventured out less than a minute away to a Chinese and had a lovely meal. People say the French are arrogant and rude, but on no occasion did we find them anything but polite and friendly. We’ve really enjoyed our time here. It’s certainly been just a little bit different. If we hadn’t been under considerable time pressure we would have not given France a second thought. We have really enjoyed it, would we come back here again? No, certainly not. But we would not have missed it for the world.

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