So we visited a tattoo convention, there weren’t even any lesbians

So started this morning with breakfast and coffee and a read of the paper. Found that there was a tattoo convention down in the centre of Bristol. So walked the dogs and then had lunch. Oh, we did managed to have sex. Segway. So after waking up the first time and having a pee. I went back to sleep. Now this is weird. I had two dreams. One was about going out to a night club and getting shit faced and another was about having an affair. The first one is a bit dull so will skip over that, but the second one is more interesting. So I’ll skip over the guys name, okay, it was Simon, but I’ll skip over the surname. So for some reason we were on holiday in Turkey and I bumped into him. We ended up chatting and then ended up in his room. Then it all got kind of physical, I said I couldn’t do anything because I was married, and then worked out it was in his room and then bummed him twice. Is it wrong to have shag someone in your dreams? It was bloody good sex, I came twice, I can hardly do that in a week these days. In reality of course I did actually bum Simon, but oh, it was many many years ago. Anyway, Jamie and I did manage the bumming thing, it was pretty good, I am after all a bloody good top. So walked the dogs, had lunch and then descended into town and walked to this tattoo convention. It was a tad odd, felt a little uneasy, but everyone was very friendly. I picked up a number of business cards, found one artist with a style I really liked. Jamie got a quote for a line f text which was well overpriced and by a guy who couldn’t even speak English. Left there and went to the local tattooist where I had all my piercings done, he’s booked in for Tuesday. Bought some odd tat. Came home. Booked a holiday to Turkey for two and a half grand then went out and spent a hundred quid on dinner. That, I believe is a pretty good Saturday.

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