How can one shoe be in the cupboard and the other one be under the bed?

So this mornings lie-in was rudely interrupted by the shopping arriving early. I book an 11-12 slot for a reason, not to be delivered at 10:40. And oh, deliver it to the house of the dot com manager person as well. Tsk. Anyway, Jamie got up and dealt with it. I progressed to coffee and breakfast. Then on to work. Still on tools as my new PC has been delayed yet again. Went pretty well actually. At lunch time it was time to take the dogs out. It’s been very cloudy all day, but also very warm. I harnessed them all up and Jamie lumbered off the bed. Goes in the cupboard and finds one shoe. Then starts looking for the other one, which he eventually finds under the bed. Now how the fuck did that happen? Did he come in one day and remove the single shoe, then hop upstairs and chuck the other one under the bed? Fuck knows. Dogs had a nice long walk anyway. Ate salad. Did more work. Still looked very gloomy but walked to the gym. Did Pump. Walked home in a very light drizzle, it was quite pleasant actually. Got home. Removed DirectX 9 from trunk, a pleasure I’ve been waiting for for a very long time. We no longer support technology from 2012.

Pizza time. Not a bad week, must be said.

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