So the CAA only has three people and they are on a break

Didn’t sleep at all well last night. Thats after four sleeping pills and a cup of Camomile tea. So woke up grumpy. My day did not improve. I lost hours battling with what I thought was an SDK problem but turned out to be a kernel issue. Then did battle with an artist. Always fun. Walked Sasha in crap weather. Got a text from Captain James asking if I’d heard from the CAA yet. I said no, so he said to contact them. I did, sat on hold for twenty minutes. To be told that my application may be appraised in the next few days. So thats four weeks. Impressive. It’ll be five by the time I get it. I hope they process my noise complaints and runway incursions in the same casual manner. Went for a run in the drizzle. Finished off a little pet project I was working on. Bored with it now, ship it and move on. Sanded my second lamp. Both are ready for plaster sealer now. Hopefully after a couple of coats of that they will come up nicely. Got a delivery date for the new radiator, not soon enough. So tonight I’ve had a large Camomile teas and six sleeping pills, so look forward to at least ten minutes sleep tonight.

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