If I have to pay 5p for a carrier bag and that goes to charity, is it tax deductible?

Yet another nights wonderful lack of sleep. So started grumpy and late. Actually work wasn’t too bad. Artists behaved. Cleaners arrived. I walked Sasha, weather is still shit. Tried to make an appointment at the doctors. Oh no, can’t do that, I have to fill in an online form. So I fill the form in, it has nothing for insomnia, so I fill in the stuff for depression. Mid afternoon I get a missed call from an Indian lady doctor. I phone the reception and they get her to call me again. Apparently I need to take a hot bath and a massage before I go to bed. By this time I was getting somewhat pissed off with her and actually said, ‘Is this something that can be supplied on the NHS or can I train one of the dogs to do it?’ At this point she offered me pills, I accepted. Walked to gym, did Pump, walked home. Did a bit more work. Actually this bit was a bit embarrassing. We’d always said we wouldn’t get a certain tool to work on a certain console as it would take too long. It took me less time to actually do it, than it took to write all the forum posts saying I wouldn’t. Ordered wine kits. Ordered electrical stuff ready for the next DIY session. Now putting many coats of plaster sealer on my lamps. Oh, I’m back on the wine, couldn’t handle another sleepless night.

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