My arms looked gorgeous tonight, but hurt like hell

Wasn’t in the mood this morning. Mainly as it was Monday, also it was a real miserable day weather wise. Got going eventually. Spent the morning on a weird GPU bug, afternoon was all about HDR stuff. Didn’t walk to gym as the rain was just too much, so took the back way to avoid the traffic and that actually worked out pretty well. Did Combat, arms hurt a lot from yesterday and actually all last week I expect. At the moment I’m getting no ‘me’ time, or any time for relaxation. When I’ve finished the lounge I’m going to have a few weekends off, up to and including Christmas. On the way home I picked up some more pizzas from Iceland and some Camomile tea, this apparently helps you sleep. So I’m going to have one of those and half a dozen sleeping tablets before bed. See if that works better than half a bottle of wine. Meanwhile, back to sanding down a couple of wall lights.

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