So I’m going to go with Ableton then

So this morning started at a record 8:36. I was so shocked I almost went back to bed. Worked all the way through for five hours. Then, as it was a nice day, it really was, almost eight degrees, I went for a run. Came back. Had a shower and then carried on with work. Still finished by just gone six. Then downloaded both Cubase and Ableton. The object was to assess both. Cubase didn’t get off to a good start, first the installer didn’t work with OsX, then after it did install, it seemed to take ages to start up. Still when it did it was fairly intuitive and I managed to record a midi track without too many problems. Then I installed Ableton, which I’d already played around with last night on the MacBook, installed no problem. Fun to play with, intuitive and lots of help windows, ideal for a noob like me when it comes to these things. Managed to record a track in that in sections and then piece them all together. I quite like the work flow in Ableton, I think I can have a lot of fun with it. It’s only after you record your midi playing you realise how crap your timing is, and boy is mine way out. Okay, so waying it up, Cubase has been around for four thousand years, is used by shit loads of people and is a very advanced tool. Ableton is very flexible, supports loads of shit, does everything I want and is half the price of Cubase and is also on offer at the moment. It’s about £46, which I can live with for a bit of software. I think the next step I need to do is pretend I’m part of ‘Tubeway Army’ and start playing along to the music video, that should hopefully improve my timing.

On an unrelated note, I need to file three years of notes in my old Filofax. That’s will just leave 2012, which will be filed at the end of the year. I will then bin it, in some sort of weird ceremony. I have then every single year since I was sixteen documented and stored in a drawer. Until I moved on to the online blog a couple of years ago. It would be fun to actually transfer all those notes into the blog, but twenty-three years worth would take some typing. It’s a shame actually that I don’t have entries from about the ages of twelve to sixteen, by god there would be some good shit in there. I will reveal all when I hit my fiftieth, you have eight years to wait.

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