Celeb ‘Big Brother’ looks like a winner this year

Started at 6:20, back in bed by 7:10 and working by 8:40. I won’t discuss work, but lets just say I resigned twice, called the MD a twat and the last I heard from him was six missed calls and a text message saying ‘Answer your phone you diva’. All over grass. End of.

Walked Dillon. Picked up Sasha. First proper Pump session. New release, not sure about it yet. Came back and got the keyboard out. Now I’ve learnt all the patches I’m now trying to play against the music video, I think this is a good way of learning the rhythm. Boy is it bloody difficult. I was really drained after an hour.

Now sat down. Half pissed already. Hell of a day. Watching ‘Celeb Big Brother’. This year, so far, only three in, but looks interesting.

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