So I need to learn to switch off, that’s going to be quite hard

So this morning I was up at half eight and started work bang on quarter to nine. Within ten minutes I was pissed off and people were generally annoying me. This is pretty much what I expected though. Spent some time fixing a memory overwrite issue, then it was on to a GUI glitching bug, which I’m still on, but found the cause of now. Will need lots of testing. Took a half hour break at lunchtime to walk the dogs, then straight back on. Was determined to finish bang on quarter past five…well managed twenty-five past, so not too bad. Then I piddled around a bit and then went to combat, which was busy, but not as busy as I was expecting. Came back and practiced Gary Numan again, pretty much got all the patterns nailed now, need to work on fluidity. Then had a pop at a couple of others, now working on ‘Imagine’ which is quite difficult as you have to jump around the keyboard a lot, getting the hang of it though, that’ll be the next one to play on the big keyboard. I need to start working normal sort of hours and ignoring everything work related outside of them, otherwise I don’t really have much of a life. So I’m determined now not to check any forums until work time tomorrow. Not my dog walking day tomorrow, so may be able to go right through. Oh, also saved two more baubles, the rest are now sadly in a land fill somewhere.

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