So if you have a double ended tap, where do you put the taps? At one of the ends, I think not.

Took Dillon to daycare at 6:20. So plumbers turned up at 9:30. I pointed out the hole in the ceiling and questioned the cistern placement. He said it would fit in the frame, I said only if it’s shrunk my about 40mm. He then got it out the box. It was bigger than the frame. Anyway, he sorted that and did all the plumbing for the shower and the remaining plasterboard. Seems to have lost the top off the cistern and hacked half the polystyrene off it. Walked Sasha. Came back and they were doing the bath. Now remember we already discussed tap and waste positions on Monday. I went upstairs to get Sasha’s Kong. Popped my head into the bathroom. And there, was the bath all in place, with the bloody tap at the far end. Now this is a double ended bath, what in gods name made him stick the bloody tap there. I clearly specified that the tap should be in the corner, the same as the controls. I also said the waste should be on the outside for when it breaks. To say I was seething was a fucking understatement. He said ‘ah, sorry’, followed by ‘I know a man who fixes chips in baths’. I walked out. Now, if there was a time I was going to have a heart attack caused by stress then this would be it. Thankfully the ticker worked fine. The plumber isn’t a huge bloke and to be quite honest in a fight I quite fancy my chances. I could fend his fat monkey off with a burger. I went back in and said basically we’d spent a shit load of money on this bathroom (well I have, Jamie only offers abuse), and that it needs to be right. I’d specifically had the bloody conversation about taps. And the bath will have to be replaced. He apologised and said he must have misunderstood me (not the first bloody time, or lets face it, even the first cock-up) and that he would have to replace it. Thankfully it’s down in price at the moment, he’ll get away with about £380. That will wipe out his profit margin. Anyway, he then left, I went and picked up Dillon. Came back and did some more work (I have been working during the day).

Went to Pump. Worked on my arms, still fairly seething. Came back. Email from plumber, new bath ordered, it will be here Monday. He’s coming tomorrow at 8:30 to finish the plumbing and remove the bath. Oh and the fucking tap leaks, I’m more pissed off with that than the bloody thing being in the wrong place, it cost a bloody fortune. So that will have to go back and now I have to get another tap. He says he can hopefully ‘sale’ the old one and apologised once more saying he ‘must have misheard me’. More like he wasn’t paying bloody attention.

One thing is certain. If I’d done it myself, it may have taken 3 years, but I wouldn’t have fucked it up.

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