And then everyone was happy bunnies

So got up at 8AM, plumbers did actually arrive at 8:30. They removed bath. I had a word and said I’d compensate him slightly as I think drilling a hole in the wrong place shouldn’t completely wipe out his profit margin, especially when he still has to pay for his fat minion, mind you, he could do with a few less pies. I did say I would try and get shot of the bath. Now, my sister, who always has an eye for a bargain, unlike my mother who always has an eye for total shit, made a rather ridiculous offer. Okay, it’s not new. It does come predrilled though…These baths are £700. I know he paid with delivery around £460. So I asked what he’d take for it. He mmmd and ahhhed, then said £200? I said I didn’t think that was fair. He gave me an odd puzzled look like I’d just clamped his testicles in a vice while I was asking him how many sugars he wanted in his coffee. I said I’d give him £300. So Sarah gets a cheap bath, plumber is only down £160 so can still feed burger boy and I feel vaguely nice. He then proceeded to finish off everything ready for the tiler, who starts tomorrow. Now I’m still expecting a hell of a lot of sucking up for this, I want my door trimmed and everything fitting. I also wouldn’t mind a blowie, and Jamie wouldn’t say no either (from the plumber that is, he considers my head work to be like doing Russian roulette with your dick in a liquidiser).

Anyway, work was dull. Many bugs. Did get to finish at 4:30 though. Which meant I finished at 5:30. As it was snowing I decided against running and went to Spin instead. I resisted Laverne’ offer of going to Zumba. Came back home and practised on the keyboard. I’m now well on the way to nailing the whole of ‘Are friends electric’. Torture porn night.

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