So I think everything is now working

So this morning started early with the arrival of the spur box and oven cable. Work wise was still all about setup and data building. It’s almost up to speed. Had long discussions about future tech. New pcie SSD turned up. Walked the dogs. Walked to the gym. Did Pump. Came back and took the oven out. Then managed to get the spur straight on the old cable position (I’d already wired the flex end into the spur). So that went on without too much of a problem. Oven connection was straightforward. Thankfully that all works. Then backed up the new machine again. Swapped the SSD over and booted Acronis. It failed to find any drives and died on its own ass. Rang up Scan again, they said it doesn’t work as it’s Linux based, so had to build a special version of the recovery tool. Burnt that on to a CD and had another go. That actually went without a hitch. It’s building more data now. Tomorrow I need to wipe the old SSD before sending it off as it contains a shed load of registered software, plus lots of first party SDK’s. Also had a pop with Windows 8.1 mail. Okay, it worked fine with all my mail accounts, just don’t like the overall look of it though. I’m going to give thunderbird a blast tomorrow. Then when thats setup, just some bookmarks to do and it’s ready to take it’s new position. I’ll then attempt to rebuild the old one to use as a spare.

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