Finally new machine is ready

So after last nights torture porn not finishing until almost 4AM I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn. Work wise was still really getting new machine together. Everything now compiles and runs. Put the old pcie drive in and erased it, that’s ready to send back now. Mail all setup. Got one small thing on DropBox to setup and that’s it. Backed up old machine. I’ll swap them over at the weekend. Old machine will be cleaned up, I’ll put the 960 in it and then reinstall windows on it. Walked both dogs. Headed out early this evening to a Geocache right by the UWE, when I got there the GZ was just full of kids, so no chance. Managed to get one a few hundred meters from it, and that was it. Got back to Parkway station and then running low on time so jumped on a bus. Packed up everything ready for tomorrow.

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