I would have stuck my head in the oven if that worked

So the day actually started fairly well. Still installing stuff on new machine, then tried to back it up. Sector read errors. This is a brand new SSD and it’s failing after one day. Another twenty minutes on the phone, new one being dispatched tomorrow. Thankfully it hasn’t caused any additional problems and I spent the rest of the day syncing to the data server, which is still going strong if slowly now. Then had a problem with one of the tools again. Plus it was boiling hot. Finally managed to get a login for this food thing next week, it doesn’t look very nice. I have a feeling we will cancel after one week. New oven arrived. It fits fine. Wiring wise though it’s all a bit shot. The house wiring is actually correct for once. Thirty-six amp trip, 6mm cable, isolator switch, flex spur. Then is where it all goes a bit tits up. The old oven was connected by 1.5mm flex to spur. Now here is the issue, oven is 2.7kw. The oven itself is not fused. 1.5mm cable will give you about 16 amps on a good day. So, if you have a short across the element in the oven it will draw as much current as possible, which will be 36 amps. So the flex connecting the oven to the spur will burn out instantly and catch on fire. Not a great situation. So I’ve ordered a 13 amp fused spur and some 2.5mm flex. So that’s good for about 20 amps, fuse is rated at 13, so that will blow first. So another day without an oven, still the end is in sight. So tomorrow a new SSD is arriving and the stuff for the oven.

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