So my carpentry skills aren’t as bad as I thought

Okay, so this morning after breakfast I was planning on sex. It kind of just didn’t happen, so got up and got the workmate and dust sheet out of the garage instead. Chiselled out the hinges by about another 4mm, then got out the power planer I picked up from mothers yesterday. I must admit it made the job very easy. In about ten minutes I had the door mounted again and it closed fine over the thermostat. Then it was just the case of adjusting the frame. That, thanks to the world shitist jigsaw, turned into a right pain in the ass. But with a combination of the planer and sander I got it all done. Then very carefully pinned it to the frame. It was then just a case of fitting the door catch and lock. Had lunch and took the dogs out. Came back and finished off, tidied everything. It’s now just a case of giving it all a coat of paint. It all works. Maybe my carpentry skills aren’t as bad as I first thought. That jigsaw is now in the recycling box, the blade fell out once to often. Had a bath and now I’m going to make a curry.

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