Is it possible to get emotionally attached to Christmas decorations?

So today started a little late, but coffee was soon had an paint stripper soon applied. It was then on to the next job of the day which has been outstanding for about a year, putting the edging round the skirting board in the hall and fixing up a couple of bits that had fallen off in the kitchen. That was all done by lunchtime. Ate Bakewell tart in the aim to get rid of all the crap food in the house. Walked the dogs and picked up the poo. Then it was on to packing away the Christmas decorations. I emptied out one box to put the baubles in and there I found two boxes of Homebase baubles. Now these I one’s I bought for my first Christmas when I first moved out. There was a very bad tinsel star, a box of six hand painted blue baubles that only contained four and a box of sixteen red baubles that only contained about ten, all of which were slightly chipped and no longer had their perfect sheen. I tried to think back to when I first got them. All were perfect, all were well kept, Christmas after Christmas they came out, with the tacky star. Then one year after Nat had moved in the cat had got one, then one broke. Then a few years ago Sasha decided to attack a few more. So now I was left with a tacky star that would be never used again, and two boxes of rather sad looking baubles. Time to say goodbye. I tore up the cardboard boxes and stuck the remaining baubles into a bag and stuck them in the bin. It’s sad to let go, I have very fond memories of them and all the Christmases they represent. So much so that I may have sneaked one red bauble back out of the bin and put on my shelf, when I catch a glimpse of it, I will always remember Christmases past.

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