So I bought stationary, it really wasn’t going anywhere

Started the morning how I like to start most mornings, in bed. Was supposed to be away this weekend but got out of doing it at the last minute. So had breakfast and read the paper. Then redid Jamie’s Sonic intro thing again, did a better job of it this time round. Walked the dogs. Had lunch (finished off the evil cheese). Walked down Gloucester Road and through Stokes Croft into town. Picked up some stationary for my studies, including a selection of coloured pens and highlighters. It’s bloody expensive. Anyway, that’s for Tuesday. Came back and got petrol. Then made a new video about this ‘Clean 9’ thing. That’s uploading now. About to have a bath. Lots to do on the DIY front tomorrow, may be drilling through floors, which is always kind of enjoyable.

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