Bathroom finally finished, now time to start sawing up floor boards

So got up to leisurely start. Finished off the bathroom, that is cleared up all the masking tape and put the door furniture back on. The only other change I’ll probably do is change the white screw caps to black, but that can wait until the next visit to B&Q. So started measuring things and looking at cable routing. Think I have it all planned out. Ordered two 15M HDMI cables and some Cat-5. I’ve looked at lighting as well and all seems okay providing there are no bloody noggins in between the beams. Next week I plan to remove the floor on the upstairs landing. Route the HDMI and mains cables down the wall, that will probably be it for next week. Will be nice to get on. Need to do some serious research into projectors this week. Went Geocaching when the rain stopped and knocked up another four. Came back and worked on Jamie’s bloody tune again. Got a good audio isolation of it now, much work still to do. Bath, then cooking. That Clean 9 thing starts tomorrow.

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