Almost time for a new routine

Got up late with a bit of a head after a couple of bottles of wine last night. No idea what time I got to bed. Can’t even remember what I was working on now, oh that was it, a crash in audio due to false sharing on an atomic. Now atomics are weird, you have to be very careful swapping known values and assert on them being swapped, as the atomic can still actually fail, due to cache line sharing. For an atomic to work on x86 you need to do a thing called cache line reservation. Anyway, dull stuff. Walked Sasha for an hour. As I said before, trying to get a bit more activity in during the day. Went to Pump. That’ll be the last one for two weeks as Laverne is off and Trudie needs to stop doing about fifty Pump classes a week.

Now, I’ve still got six exams to pass and just reading the books before I fall asleep isn’t really working. So I need to dedicate one evening a week to some intense study, which will include actually doing some bloody notes and then for some light relief I’m going to dedicate another evening to working on music / Ableton, as that’s a lot of fun. Tuesday and Thursday seem good days, as there’s no gym class. So I can go out with the dog during the day for exercise and then do this in the evening. Does mean starting work vaguely on time though, otherwise I’ll finish and it’ll be time to go to bed again.

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