So 8PM, sit down and relax? Fuck that, start painting the ceiling

So managed to start fairly early, okay, it was about 10. Jamie was asleep in the spare room, he said he finished ‘about 2’, I’m pretty sure I finished about 2, I imagine it was closer to 5. So started with the projector plank. This is a piece of wood that will go between two beams and support the projector mount. This actually required some quite intricate machining to get it bang on. Out with the laser level again as well to do the centre line. I reckon the whole thing is now done to a tolerance of about 2mm. So tidied up, had salad and walked Sasha. Then drove over toward town. Was a nice day actually, just a hoodie. Walked into town, picked up a couple of box sets that I had my eye on. ‘QAF USA’ and ‘Shamless 1-8’, I already have 1-3 but the cost was silly. Also picked up a packet of bolts for the projector mount. Came back. Had a coffee. Then started painting the ceiling. Did one coat. Did the accounts. Did the second coat. Then had a bath. It’s now midnight and I still haven’t eaton yet. Tomorrow I need to put all the stuff back, as it’s sat in a big pile on the dining room table. Then on Monday, time to wire everything in and finally mount the projector.

Tomorrow though, apart from the tidying and walking the dog I’m planning on having a day off, with family, some of whom I like, and then mother. I’m sure it will be fun.

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